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On December 13, 2017
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I am a hospitalist doctor taking care of up to 30 plus patients in a given day and need to provide them the most up to date and current treatment as well as be efficient to in order them effective care.  I use to rely on multiple coffee, energy drinks, and 5 hour energy, etc to get the job done, however will feel the “down effects” when the caffeine finally wears off, in addition would often had a difficult time sleeping.  I have been taking “Focus Alert Relaxed” now for couple of weeks and able to do my job with less caffeine needed and thus less jitteriness, less side effects, and able to sleep at night.  If you need to be efficient during the day and still want to sleep at night, I would highly recommend Focused Alert Relaxed by On Tapp Nutrition

Dr. Thomas L. Maglinao, MD Internal Medicine at Queens Medical Center in Honolulu


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